This is to inform you that  Poland’s 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium – Inter-Mix 2014 – will take place on 20-23 November 2014. The symposium is organized by the Scholarship Fellows of the Foundation for Polish Science and the Skills Project of the Foundation for Polish Science. Among the organizers of the meeting were two members of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists: Prof. Dr. Habil. Artur Krężel and Prof. Dr. Habil. Marcin Drąg.

The objective of the Symposium is to create a platform for scientific exchange between scholars with interdisciplinary interests. The participants will include, but are not be limited to, representatives of the following educational subjects:

  • biology and medicine
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • information technology
  • mathematics
  • astronomy
  • economy
  • social sciences

The Symposium’s participants will present their experience with interdisciplinary projects either in the form of a poster or in a short, oral presentation.

Information on the Symposium can be found on the website: