The unity of knowledge, the unity of cognition

Why is it worth it to be a member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists?

Membership in the Academy gives one possibilities in the following areas:

  • cognitive development related to cooperation with distinguished researchers from other, areas of science and with artists,
  • wider outlook on one’s own area of study, confrontation of one’s own methods and results with methods and results of other researches,
  • start scientific cooperation and building interdisciplinary teams,
  • overcome the stagnation of milieus,
  • co-creation of an environment for independent cognitive and artistic development,
  • finance bold educational, research-educational and popularization projects,
  • co-shape operations on the border of art and science,
  • influence the scientific and educational politics of the city and the region,
  • joint applying for grants,
  • the ability to evaluate grant and scholarship applications of Wrocław’s best scientist and artists,
  • influence the scientific future of Wrocław and Lower Silesia,
  • obtain the recommendations of the Honorary Council for the undertaken projects,
  • make contact with other Academies of youth worldwide,
  • co-create the Academy of youth movement,
  • widen scientific and cultural horizons through personal contact with intriguing personalities,
  • gain experience in overcoming institutional and administrative barriers when implementing ideas,
  • promote results of one’s own scientific research and artistic endeavors,
  • take advantage of the space provided by the Wrocław Academic Hub (Rynek 13, Wrocław).
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