The unity of knowledge, the unity of cognition


  • 1
    The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists, hereinafter referred to as Academy may use the graphic sign in accordance with the template attached hereto.
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    1. Members of the Academy are appointed by the President of Wrocław amongst candidates recommended by the Academy’s Members save as for subclause 2 and §4.2 and §4.3.
    2. The appointment of the first make-up of the Academy is done in accordance with the rules specified in §3 and §4 of the regulation.
    3. The Academy comprises Members distinguished into the following:
      1. ) Ordinary Members, appointed for a 5 year term without the possibility to be re-appointed;
      2. ) Supporting Members appointed for indefinite term.
  • 3
    1. Persons who comply with the following conditions may become Ordinary Members of the Academy:
      1. ) persons who have significant achievements in the area of science/art they represent;
      2. ) persons who express interest and actively cooperate with the representatives of various areas of science and art and work for the scientific and/or artistic environment;
      3. ) work and/or consider developing scientific and/or artistic career in the area of the Lower Silesia Region with the exceptions stipulated by the Academy Members;
      4. ) are younger than 35 years old.
    2. Candidates for Ordinary Members are chosen in the following mode:
      1. 1) once a year amongst persons reported by the Academy Members or by representatives of scientific environment;
      2. 2) the deadline to report candidates is 15 May each year;
      3. 3) the election is done on the basis of voting results during the seating of the Academy. It is required to get 2/3 votes of the Ordinary Members to choose a Member. The election of candidates for new members takes place on 30 June in the year the candidate is reported.
    3. The number of Ordinary Members shall not exceed 30 persons.
    4. An Ordinary Member has the right to:
      1. ) participate in sittings and vote for resolutions in all decisions made by the Academy;
      2. ) participate in projects carried out by the Academy;
      3. ) file applications regarding the functioning of the Academy;
    5. An Ordinary Member has the obligation to:
      1. ) actively participate in the work of the Academy;
      2. ) cooperate with the Chapter Members;
      3. ) observe this Status and resolutions which are put forward by the Academy.
  • 4
    1. A natural or legal person who recognizes and supports the Academy’s objectives may become a Supporting Member.
    2. Supporting Members are chosen by the Ordinary Members. To choose a Supporting Member it is required to get 2/3 votes of all of the Ordinary Members. In the case of selecting candidates for Supporting Members the limitations included in § 3.2 do not apply.
    3. Ordinary Members after the termination of their term to which they were appointed receive the status of Supporting Member without the need to apply the election procedure stipulated in subclause 2.
    4. Supporting Members have the right to issue demands regarding the functioning of the Academy, in particular the ways of utilizing the support granted to the academy, including the financial support.
  • 5
    1. Membership may be lost as a result of the following:
      1. 1) resignation of the membership;
      2. 2) Member’s death;
      3. 3) revoking by the President of Wrocław, in the case circumstances referred to in subclause 2 occur.
    2. The President of Wrocław revokes an Academy Member if the revocation is supported by 2/3 of all Ordinary Members in the following instances:
      1. ) non-observance of the Member obligations specified herein;
      2. ) damaging the Academy’s good name;
      3. ) committing deeds violating good practice in science (art).
  • 6
    1. Members of the Academy elect a President amongst themselves.
    2. The President’s duties include in particular:
      1. )organizing Academy’s sittings;
      2. ) presiding the sittings;
      3. ) representing the Academy in public;
      4. ) cooperating with the Members of the Chapter;
      5. ) signing correspondence on behalf of the Academy;
      6. ) on-going cooperation with the Office of Cooperation with the Higher Education Institutions of the Wrocław City Council.
    3. Amongst the Ordinary Members, persons to perform representative and/or organizational functions may be chosen for a limited term, for example to contact with persons or organizations or for the time of carrying out projects undertaken by the Academy;
    4. Expressing opinion or taking up a stance by the Academy is done as a result of:
      1. ) in the case of personnel issues – secret ballot;
      2. ) in the remaining issues – open voting.
    5. In order to put forward a resolution save for § 3.2, § 4.2, § 5.2, the presence of over half of the persons (Academy Members) with the right to vote is required. With the exception of cases stipulated in § 3.2, § 4.2, § 5.2, resolutions are put forward with the ordinary majority of votes.
    6. Academy’s Sittings are to be recorded in minutes.
  • 7
    1. Academy Member’s are entitled to remuneration for the work done for the City.
    2. The remuneration is paid on the basis of separate civil-legal agreement specifying the term and scope of carried out works, with the consideration of participation in the Academy’s sittings and the level of involvement of the Members, including the involvement in the implementation of the Academy’s projects.
  • 8

    The Academy’s organizational-technical maintenance is ensured by the Office of Cooperation with the Higher Education Institutions of the Wrocław City Council, including in particular:

    1. maintenance of the Academy’s sittings; including preparation of minutes and attendance lists;
    2. collecting Academy’s documentation, including the documentation of the implemented projects.
  • 9
    1. The Academy debates during sittings.
    2. Academy’s sittings take place at least twice a month, in accordance with the schedule stipulated by the Academy’s President at the seat of the Wrocław Academic Center, Rynek 13 in Wrocław.
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