Why is it worth it to be a member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists?

Membership in the Academy gives one possibilities in the following areas:

  • cognitive development related to cooperation with distinguished researchers from other, areas of science and with artists,
  • wider outlook on one’s own area of study, confrontation of one’s own methods and results with methods and results of other researches,
  • start scientific cooperation and building interdisciplinary teams,
  • overcome the stagnation of milieus,
  • co-creation of an environment for independent cognitive and artistic development,
  • finance bold educational, research-educational and popularization projects,
  • co-shape operations on the border of art and science,
  • influence the scientific and educational politics of the city and the region,
  • joint applying for grants,
  • the ability to evaluate grant and scholarship applications of Wrocław’s best scientist and artists,
  • influence the scientific future of Wrocław and Lower Silesia,
  • obtain the recommendations of the Honorary Council for the undertaken projects,
  • make contact with other Academies of youth worldwide,
  • co-create the Academy of youth movement,
  • widen scientific and cultural horizons through personal contact with intriguing personalities,
  • gain experience in overcoming institutional and administrative barriers when implementing ideas,
  • promote results of one’s own scientific research and artistic endeavors,
  • take advantage of the space provided by the Wrocław Academic Hub (Rynek 13, Wrocław).


Opinions of the Academy’s members

“Being in the hermetic, closed environment of theater artists I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet so many talented and knowledgeable scholars and artists. The Academy makes the confrontation of diametrically opposite world views possible. It means that new, earlier unknown directions of cognition and interpreting reality become a natural, unforced impulse to carry out a deeper search in the realm of theater. The once inaccessible or very distant until now – thanks to meetings with the academics – has become close, available and concrete. What takes place there is the authentic exchange of thought and spirit between extremely different people, who – if it were not for the Academy – would have almost zero chances of meeting.

Krzysztof Boczkowski


The possibility of co-creating the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists is very useful especially in the cognitive sense, although finding yourself amongst such a great variety of perspectives is quite a challenge. I am a philosopher, and thanks to close contact with scholars of the natural sciences I have crushed many beliefs which I earlier believed in and naive opinions referring to both the structure of scientific processes and science. Contact with artists with extraordinary, creative attitude which takes one off the beaten track of thought, has encouraged me to take brave philosophical undertakings and the cooperation which we have stirred up has diversified and developed my philosophical workshop.

Bartłomiej Skowron


Membership in the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists gives one the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation on the cutting-edge of humanist sciences, sciences about life and society, mathematical and technical sciences. Thanks to the cooperation in the Academy we were able to write an innovative research project referring to the cognitive functions of patients who suffer from schizophrenia with the consideration of genetic, clinical and neuropsychological data, with the use of analytical models and models of artificial neural networks.”

Dorota Frydecka


In my professional work – research, creative and didactic – we move along the border of many spheres of science, but also between science and art. In this field the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists gives me the invaluable possibility to exchange my opinions and direct cooperation with outstanding representatives of various subjects. Membership in the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists facilitates contact with city, national and global scientific centers. As a project of the Wrocław Academic Hub, the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists also facilitates the development of bold, innovative popularizing and educational programs, addressed directly to the citizens of our city.

Jakub Jernajczyk

The Academy is Wrocław’s unique interdisciplinary project which connects young scientists and artists from different universities and research centres, from remote fields of science and art; persons with very different life philosophies and points of view. Thanks to the synergy effect the Academy makes actions for Wrocław and its residents (including pupils) possible, actions which do not fit into the narrowly understood fields. Its actions often pose intellectual challenges for its members: a good example here is the volume “Excess and Lack” a beautiful publication combining different perspectives.


Piotr Śniady

I had no idea that despite the financial and ethical crisis faced by science in Poland, in Wrocław there are still young, active people from different fields of science and art, people with passion and determined to fulfil it, even in unfavourable conditions. The meetings with the Academy members helped me realise that there is still a different, more optimistic, face of the Polish science.

Ewa Jankowska


The Academy is a great platform to start interdisciplinary collaboration between persons from completely different fields of science and art. The membership in the Academy enables free exchange of thoughts, ideas and concepts very often leading to joint research projects, meetings or participation in conferences and scientific meetings. What is more, as the Academy members we can participate in specialist training sessions broadening our skills and meet interesting people. 


Marcin Drąg