Filomates. Not such an obvious relationship between philosophy and mathematics. New international research and educational project.


The founding principles behind Filomates are the same ideas that the Academy of Young Scientists and Artists has been fostered for its five years of existence – the unity of knowledge and  cognition. The project disseminates knowledge about the deep relations between philosophy and mathematics, and, broadly speaking, the relations between the humanities and natural sciences. The project pulls down an artificial division in the academic world – the split into scholars, artists and scientists. The purpose of the project is to research and educate, and in this core it is similar to our other project: Gucio. In the course of the examination a group of ten high school students will be invited to carry out an interdisciplinary and international research project in the field of philosophy, translation studies and the application of mathematics in the humanities and the arts. The research will be carried out under the guidance of scientists from the Academy and scholars who represent external research centers from Spain and the USA.

The project consists of:
1. The translation of two articles from English into Polish (approximately 10 working meetings) with a group of ten high school students.

2. A series of workshops: (a) with a graphic visualization of mathematical objects at the Institute of Mathematics, the University of Wrocław; (b) on the use of mathematics in the visual arts, held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław; (c) a workshop entitled “From the function of the neuron to mental disorders,” at the Technical University of Wrocław; (d) drama workshops as a part of film preparation (see section 5) performed at the Wrocław Branch of the Ludwik Solski Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow

3. Participation of four high school students (and interested teachers) in the International Conference of Topological Philosophy (particularly in the Graduate School on Topological Philosophy workshop) in Warsaw in February 2016.

4. Series of three open lectures about the relationship of philosophy and mathematics for high school students from Wrocław (lectures will be conducted by a group of ten high school project participants).

5. Making a film that will popularize the relations between philosophy and mathematic.

6. Publication of aforementioned translations and collective article writing (authors will be selected scientists, students and interested teachers).

Duration: January 2016-June 2016

Project operators from AMUiA:
1. Dr. Bartłomiej Skowron (initiator and project manager, Warsaw University of Technology)
2. Dr. Paweł Jarnicki (Foundation Project- Science, University of Zurich)
3. Dr. Roland Zarzycki (2BeFair Foundation, University of Wrocław)
4. Dr. Jakubs Jernajczyk (Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław)
5. Prof. Dariusz Buraczewski (University of Wrocław).
6. Dr. Jarosław Drapała (Wrocław University of Technology)
7. Dr. Dorota Frydecka (Wrocław Medical University)
8. Dr. Krzysztof Boczkowski (Wrocław Branch of the Ludwik Solski Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow)

and external scholars:

9. Prof. Thomas Mormann (University of the Basque Country, Spain)
10. Prof. Achille Varzi (Columbia University, New York, USA)

Recipients of the project:
The project is aimed at high school students from Wrocław. The direct beneficiary of the project will be a group of ten high school participants. The indirect beneficiaries of the project will be the broader group of about 400 high school students from Wroclaw and the vicinity.

Recruitment: The AMUiA invites students and teachers (tutors) who are interested in taking part in the project to contact Dr. Bartłomiej Skowron: bartlomiej.skowron (at) Applications are being accepted until 20 January 2016. The main requirements are: an open, flexible mind and communicative knowledge of English. As part of the application form, please notify your intent to participate along with a brief personal profile (including your main interests) and a short assessment from a teacher who will tutor you during the project.

Participating students will be helping with planned philosophical and scientific research where they will have the opportunity to observe professional scientists and artists at work in a truly international and multidisciplinary environment. The quality basis of workshops is the multidisciplinary research of the Academy members. The co-authorship of the scientific paper, one of the results of our project, will actively guide and introduce participants to the exciting world of science and show the nature of philosophical research in it full scope. In addition, the drama workshop will prepare the project participants in basic filming techniques and enable them to preparation of short movie about the complicated relationship between philosophy and mathematics.

Patrons of the project:

Philosophical magazine: philosophizes,