Keynote lecture of Prof. Guy Standing (University of London) “Tertiary time and work. The Precariat’s Dillema” followed by the panel discussion during the international conference „Social boundaries of work. Changes in the sphere of work in the 21st century capitalism” (Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Worcław, Wrocław, 14 November 2015). Academy of Young Scholars and Artists was co-organizer of this conference.

The panel discussion was chaired by Prof. Juliusz Gardawski (Warsaw School of Economics). The participants included Prof. Krystyna Janicka (University of Zielona Góra oraz the Polish Academy of Sciences), Prof. Jane Hardy (University of Hertfordshire), Maciej Szlinder (Theoretical Practice, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) and Prof. Guy Standing (University of London).

“Social boundaries of work”. Wykład Prof. Guya Standinga i sesja plenarna (Wrocław, 2014).  

Professor Standing’s visit at the University of Wrocław and key note lecture during the “Social boundaries of work” conference were a part of the Visting Professors programme sponsored by the City of Wrocław, the Scientiae Wratislavienses fund.

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