Between 20 and 24 of October, the 11 biggest cities in Poland, including Wrocław, will host  Design Thinking Week 2014. The event is organized by the Association – Top 500 Innovators. Honorary patronage was assumed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education Prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska. Among the organizers of the event is a member of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists – Sabina Górska, PhD.

Design Thinking is a method of creative problem solving and searching for innovative solutions developed at Stanford University. This method has been used successfully in Silicon Valley and is becoming more and more popular also in Poland. As part of Design Thinking Week there will be a series of generally accessible, admission free workshops, conferences, meetings and exhibitions. Their participants will have a chance not only to familiarize themselves with the method of Design Thinking but also to use it in practice to plan projects and build innovative prototypes. Sabina Górska, PhD, will co-run classes organized by IITD and WCB EIT+.

Information on Design Thinking Week 2014 in Wrocław can be found on the website