The members of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists evaluate applications and prepare recommendations for the Contest Councils in the Student Scholarship Program for graduate students.

Scholarships in the amount of PLN 2000 monthly were granted by the Mayor of Wrocław and are admitted as part of Student Scholarship Program*    

The outstanding research achievements of the graduate student are the principal criterion during the decision process of admitting scholarships to the III degree students at state and private higher education institutions and in scientific institutions which have doctoral programs.

Members of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists are divided into five Scholarship Councils:

1) Ludwik Hirszfeld scholarship council for biological and medical sciences;

2) Hugo Steinhaus scholarship council for mathematical sciences;

3) Max Born scholarship council for physics and chemistry sciences,

4) Wincenty Styś scholarship council for social and humanist sciences;

5) Jerzy Grotowski scholarship council for art.


The application evaluation is done in four stages:

(a) selecting the best applications (about 10% of all applications)

(b) talks with the candidates

(c) written recommendations prepared by the Academy and handed over to the Contest Councils

(d) taking decisions on granting scholarships and honorable mentions by the Contest Councils.

The high and non-obvious cognitive achievements of the graduate students who were evaluated the highest deserve acknowledgement and allow us to make a statement that the Wrocław scholarly milieu is, and will be, a strong academic environment.


* Program implemented on the basis of resolution No. LV/1693/10 Wrocław City Council of 14 October 2010 as amended.