On Tuesday, 2 September 2013, training courses for teachers were started as part of the project The Language of Machines. The courses were attended by 135 teachers (sic!) from primary and middle schools.


The training sessions took place in the building of High School no. 10 in Wrocław. The teachers of various subjects (Polish, mathematics, English, chemistry, information technology, elementary education, etc.) led a circle to its destination with the help of a graphic language of programming KoLo [Polish: circle] and gave instructions to an ant, who can do quite a lot, for example when she walks on the stage she can leave footprints which resemble the shape of a fractal…


The level of advancement of the teachers was diverse, some had already tried programming, others first encountered the art of programming right there. Both these groups co-constructed the Language of Machines actively and creatively.


The training session was run by: Jakub Jernajczyk, Jarosław Drapała, Radosław Rudek and Bartłomiej Skowron. The organizational part of the enterprise was taken care of by the Wrocław Center for Teachers’ Improvement with Jerzy Wachowicz as the coordinator. The clash of the world of art and philosophy with the world of conditional instructions and commands in the milieu of teachers brings on new ideas. Together we lean over the question whether the arrow should be placed on the stage and what symbol should the package be marked with (which is the prototype of a variable), etc. All of that is done so that children a few years old would be able to understand it in a natural and easy way.


The spirit of the training sessions, the self-motivation and creative engagement of teachers makes us hope that the next stages of the project will be successful.