In the Częstochowa Society of Fine Arts Zachęta gallery “Konduktorownia” Łukasz Huculak’s exhibition “Sopra Minerva” will be hosted until 6 November 2014.    




Sopra Minerva

Sopra Minerva means “on Minerva”, above it. “Above” that is mainly “on its ruins”, “on its foundations”, which may also be understood as “towering over Minerva”.

It is the name of one of the Roman churches, in full: Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, referring to the location of the church erected in the place of an antique temple dedicated to the Etruscan patroness of wisdom and science identified with Athena. The church belongs to a philosophers’ order: Meister Eckhart, St. Thomas or burned on the stake for heresy Giordano Bruno.

The axis of the exhibition, which juxtaposes dark nocturnes that present supernatural phenomena with light images of imaginary scientific experiments, is the tension between what’s rational and irrational.