Works by Academy member Agnieszka Leśniak – Banasiak may be seen at the Clara Scremini Gallery in Paris. 

The exhibition is incredibly important in terms of the creative confrontations of the author because it was commissioned by special invitation from the curator and the gallery’s owner Mrs. Clara Scremini, who for many decades has been a renowned character in the Parisian world of art. The exhibition will be shown until mid November and the next stop of the creative journey will be the International Art Fairs in Strasburg.

Agnieszka Leśniak – Banasiak uses glass in its purest form for her artwork – her works are made of optical and sodium glass. In creating her glass sculptures she is inspired by geometry and its confrontation with architectural forms.

“In my work I am guided by the architecture of forms, I use geometrical divisions, analyzing the reciprocal dependencies of solids and planes in space. Working on a topic I apply tension and contrast gradually. Each line, plane, inclination angle, perspective or direction has their own justification and enormous significance. A combination of contrast, a minimum of color, along with transparency and light define the materiality and immateriality of the outlined space”.

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