At the end of 2013 the first collaborative volume of the Academy Excess and Lack was published. In that volume the members of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists published their texts and reproductions of their artifacts.


“Excess is often mentioned when describing modernity: excess of form, excessive production of images and information, excessive consumption. At the same time, it is easy to find areas of an acute lack and emptiness.” These words were taken from the introduction to the book Excess and Lack. The volume was published at the end of last year with the combined forces of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists and the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. It’s a bilingual (Polish-English) volume which consists of 13 articles and several dozens of reproductions of art work; in general 68 contributors put their works in the publication – artists and scholars. The entire publication was bound by the problem of excess and lack as indicated in the title, the problem is looked at from many perspectives both scientific and artistic.

The volume was reviewed by Professor Maria Poprzęcka and Professor Adam Jezierski. In Maria Poprzęcka’s review we read: “the advantage of the publication is a wide take on the subject – from the cosmological perspective in a text by Rev. Michał Heller, through the microscale in Krystyna Dąbrowska’s understanding, and the ontological-existential analysis of Bartłomiej Skowron. Combining abstract mathematical disquisitions in one volume (Piotr Śniady, Jarosław Drapała, Dariusz Buraczewski) with a critical take on the civilization related processes taking place here and now (Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech, Roland Zarzycki, Marcin Drąg and Adam Mrozowicki) significantly widens the circle of potential recipients”.

Adam Jezierski highlights that the highest value of the publication is it’s  widely understood interdisciplinarity: “Currently we are seeing the rise of absurdly narrow specializations, however, as the history of science has shown many times, the most interesting and the most crucial scientific issues lay on the border of different, sometimes seemingly very distant areas of science. [...] The volume “Excess and Lack” which is an outstanding example of interdisciplinarity fully deserves a wide reception in both our country and abroad.”

The texts collected in the volume are accompanied by reproductions of works by artists related to the faculties of Painting and Sculpture and Graphics and Media Art of the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. The works by graphic artists show the problem of excess and lack in a cognitive and social context, whereas paintings were selected in accordance with the rule: empty and restrained versus rich and greedy, drawing attention to the aesthetic implications of the title opposition.
Maria Poprzęcka focuses her attention particularly on the scientific-artistic character of the publication: ” Texts by Jakub Jernajczyk and Łukasz Huculak indicate the reciprocal relationship of science and aesthetic experience. The whole is completed by the presentation of design work by Bartłomiej Mucha which provides a humorous commentary on the materialist fetishism of contemporary civilization. [...]

The undertaking of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists, is incredibly valuable from a scientific-popularization point of view, and is in my opinion, an original and effective means of bonding between the artists and scholars. The attempt of instantiation of essential and not always obvious conceptions of ‘excess’ and ‘lack’ on an interdisciplinary ground inspires mutual understanding, or even cooperative research. Reading the reviewed volume – by combining the cognitive value with the pleasure of being in the presence of contemporary art, brings both intellectual and aesthetic satisfaction.”


“Excess and lack”, Wrocław 2013, pgs. 250.
Editors: Łukasz Huculak, Bartłomiej Skowron,
Krystyna Dąbrowska, Jakub Jernajczyk, Małgorzata Zakrzewska, Roland Zarzycki.
Publishers: Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Wrocław Academic Hub.
Graphic layout: Monika Aleksandrowicz Arte Buena



Introduction 10

Michał Heller Cosmic evolution – from lack to excess, 17  

Krystyna Dąbrowska   Viruses: seeming deficiency that is the perfect minimum, 19

Jarosław Drapała  Is the Theory of Everything capable of explaining everything?, 22

Adam Mrozowicki, Agata Krasowska, Mateusz Karolak,  From permanent employment to precariat: contemporary transformations in the sphere of work in Poland, 35

Dariusz Buraczewski,  Mathematics in the world of Chaos, 46

Łukasz Huculak, The meaning of a white square. The origins of empty pictures, 88

Bartłomiej Skowron, The excess of being the person does not exist. On personal overfilling and insufficiency, 134

Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech,   New media: between excess and insufficiency, 137

Bartosz Mucha, Too many objects, too few functions, 145

Marcin Drąg,  Excess and deficiency – natural and non-natural amino acids in profiling the substrate specificity of proteases, 150

Piotr Śniady, Between excess and deficiency: critical percolation, 155

Roland Zarzycki,  Information inflation and spectacularization of meanings as sources of hyperreality, 161

Jakub Jernajczyk,  Lossy representations of excessive reality, 172

Abstracts 232

Biographies  239


Volume online:

Excess and Lack,  Huculak, B. Skowron, J. Jernajczyk, R. Zarzycki,  K. Dąbrowska, M. Zakrzewska (eds.) Wrocław 2013.