The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists was founded in 2010 as the first academy of its kind in Poland. One of the principal aims of its foundation was to create a place in the academic circle of Wrocław where outstanding young scholars would have the possibility to develop independently.

The Academy’s honorary council

The first members of the Academy were selected by an honorary council. That way, the Academy was provided with an elite character, the highest level of excellence and independency. The council consists of meticulously selected persons from the world of science. The council is created by:  

  1. Prof. Andrzej Białas President of the Polish Academy of Learning
  2. Prof. Marek Bojarski Rector of the University of Wrocław
  3. Rafał Dutkiewicz, PhD, Mayor of Wrocław
  4. Prof. Michał Kleiber President of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  5. Prof. Tadeusz Luty Honorary President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP)
  6. Prof. Maciej Żylicz President of the Foundation for Polish Science

The council accepts annual reports of the Academy’s operations. In the following years the Academy selects its own members and that way it’s becoming an independent forum of young scholars and artists. Currently the Academy has 28 members. The members are chosen for 5 year terms. The members of the Academy are persons representing possibly varied areas of science and art.

On becoming an institution

The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists was called up pursuant to the Resolution of the Mayor of Wrocław no 2573/11. The Wrocław Academic Hub ensures administrative, legal and financial support for the Academy. The appendix to the Mayor’s Resolution is the Academy’s Statute.

The Academy’s Financing

Th Academy has a budget for projects (educational, educational-research and popularizing) and the on-going operations of the Academy’s members. The teams that consist of the Academy’s members also obtain funds from institutions that finance science, including the National Science Center, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Foundation for Polish Science and others. The fund raising activities aimed at obtaining financing for research and projects of the Academy’s members are supported by the Honorary Council.

The Academy’s Structure

The Academy has neither a hierarchy nor is it  strongly formalized; it is characterized by adhocratic way of working. Special teams comprised of the Academy’s members (and persons cooperating with them alternatively) are called up to develop particular undertakings. The Academy’s President watches over all of the Academy’s undertakings and whose role is similar to that of an administrator and guardian of the Academy. The Academy has complete freedom in terms of its organizational structure and it may change it at any time.      

Further Information

More information on the Academy’s operations can be found here. The idea behind the Academy is specified here. Detailed description of the Academy’s projects can be found here. The list of the Academy’s members can be found here. Reports from the Academy’s operations for the last few years can be found here. The history of the Academy’s founding can be found here.

Animated logo of The Academy of Young Scholars and Artists (J. Jernajczyk, P. Hendrich)    


Photo shots from the Academy Members’ Nomination Gala